Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to convert omnis to veganism

It can be tough living with an omni. It's expensive, inconvenient, and oftentimes smelly.

I've always been careful about not coming across as preachy or evangelical about veganism. One time when I was in a bad mood, I did have a bit of a go at a family member / let's just say that this person quickly became defensive and ultimately tuned me out. Fair enough. Lesson learned. Instead I just started being a positive example to those around me. Enjoying my fruit, eating in abundance, losing some weight and inches, being happy and energetic, quitting caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs....

Fast forward three years to April 2011. My dear hubby announces that he's becoming vegetarian. And bless him, he hasn't touched meat since. This from a man who could eat meat at every meal. Fast forward another few months and he quit the dairy. Pretty big step for a gym guy who's been told all these years that he needs whey protein powders.

He quit the eggs soon after that. Now, he doesn't quite call himself vegan, because he's not careful about avoiding the sneaky animal products that invariably appear in packaged foods (jarred pasta sauce, for example). But it's been a huge 12 months for him and I couldn't be happier about the progress he's made. Me being the household cook also makes it easier for him to be vegan, since I only buy vegan products.

As for the other people in my life? Well, I notice that my work colleagues are bringing a LOT more fruit in for their snacks. Many of them are reducing the amount of meat they consume. My extended family eats a lot more fruit. My mother, who previously hated most fruits, is even starting to eat more of it. And best of all, my very young family members are loving their fruit, rice, and beans.

I get a lot of questions like "how are you so cheerful this early in the morning", "how are you able to do this much activity in a day", "how do you get your skin to look like that", "how is it you don't burn in the sun", etc. All of these questions are answered truthfully but succinctly. And then I quietly slip them the 30 bananas a day pamphlet (available at

I hope this gives some hope to people who are embarking or considering this lifestyle! Apparently a person needs to hear the vegan message about 50 times before they even consider it. No problem - we could be number 5, 17, or 38. Heck, it took 3 years for the person living with me to start making a change.

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